Residential block on Kaivas Street
Summerhouse near city Riga
CMB architect office
Sillamäe Old Town School
Modular home Tallinn School of Music and Ballet
Meeting room in Riga
Kindergarten in Tallinn
School in Sillamäe, Estonia
Riga Technical School of Tourism and Creative Industry
Store "Sena Bode" (Old Store)
Library in Oslo Family house in Madona
Modular house
Office in Oslo with Barcode panels
Apartment complex in Oslo
Store in Oslo Colliers office Assembly House in the Garden of Destiny in Koknese county
Carnikava elementary school
Zunda Towers, office HRMNY
Cafe Cadets de Gascogne
Office in Smiltene city
Cafe "Vēja ligzda" (Wind Nest)
Production facilities with an office in Vilnius
"Belss" Office Tavern Glendeloka
Grüne modern office building in Tallinn
Salaspils 2nd Preschool building process
Valgunde Education, Culture and Sports Center "Avoti"
Office complex in Vilnius city
Youth Center in Kauguri
Residential building complex in Tallinn city
Reconstruction of Carnikava primary school
L3A office complex in Jelgava city
Ski resort "Zagarkalns"
Private house kitchen with hexagon tiles
House of Silence
Prefabricated concrete plant MB Betons in Liepaja
Brewery in Riga
Apartment in Vienkoči
Internet news portal "Delfi" office in Riga
Kvadrum office in Riga
Office in Dreilini
Valga school Priimetsa
The Exupery International School
Astra Zeneca office in Riga
Coffee Address office in Riga
Jānis Daliņš Stadium in Valmiera city
BIM Solutions office in Riga Riga Cathedral Choir School
Optics salon in Kaunas, Lithuania
"Piano piano" restaurant in Kaunas city
"Forstata" office building in Riga
Corporate Solutions office building in Riga
Building process of International School
Business Center in Liepaja
Office in Liepaja city Riga Art and Media School - solution with Baffle panels
Library Athenaeum in Valmiera city
Madona Gymnasium gym construction
Store "Gemoss" in Valmiera city
Culture center 
Gym in Ķemeri Primary School
Retreat center “ Stacija”
Olympic Center Rezekne
Spa area in Olympic Center Liepāja Kindergarten "Our little button"
Gaujas Krasta Secondary School - development center in Valmiera city
Office building Skanstes City
Culture Center Hanzas Perons